Polyurethane wheels and BONDING

Jhb : 010 300 0150 | DBN : 010 300 0160  | Cape: 010 300 0170

Polyurethane wheels and bonding

Jhb : 010 300 0150

DBN : 010 300 0160

Cape: 010 300 0170

Polyurethane products

Solid polyutherane wheels for industrial applications, polyurethane pads and protection against wear.

We supply standard as well as custom polyurethane solutions including Forklift Fork coatings, custom rollers and wheel sizes.

Jhb : 010 300 0150 | DBN : 010 300 0160  | Cape: 010 300 0170

Polyurethane wheels

The properties of polyuretyhane wheels as opposed to rubber wheels or casters are better durability, resistance to wear and abrasion. We offer standard sizes and colors as well as custom sizes, applications and colors. 

Polyurethane bonding

Polyurethane can be bonded to most metal surfaces and the durability of the bond is entirely dependant on the quality of the process. At Everest we offer highly durable polyurethane bonded products.

Polyurethane pads

Vibration has a dramatic effect on durability and with standaard as well as custom made anti vibration pads, we offer a superior product that reduces wear and increases stability.

Custom Polyurethane products

We are able to manufacture polyurethane products like rollers and wheels to custom dimensions for specific applications. Contact us to discuss your custom polyurethane applications. 

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