Metal to rubber bonding

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Metal to rubber bonding

JHB : 010 300 0150

DBN : 010 300 0160

CAPE: 010 300 0170

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High quality rubber compounds are bonded to metal to create superior tyre/surface wear, a solid rubber tread delivers extremely good rolling properties with very low-noise.

Whether you need bonded tyres or large rollers, we have a rubber to metal bonding solution to suit your application.


Solid rubber bonded tyres provide the elasticity necessary to deliver a comfortable drive for the operator on moderate to poor surfaces. High speeds of up to 16km/h can be achieved with rubber bonded to steel, a must have for heavy duty industrial applications where speed and wear are critically important.

Custom bonding and wheel solutions

Talk to us about your challege or custom rubber to metal bonding requirement and let our innovative team find a cost effective solution for your application.

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